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we are aiming high

2018 & 2019 are going to be exciting times for us!!


She’s been installed and she’s now creating gins. For more information on how to create your own gin with us click here.


contract canning

A new building is currently under construction, and into this we are looking at installing a fully automatic canning line running at up to 5000 cans per hour.


bottling expansion

Further investment is to be made into the bottling line, with the purchase of more processing tanks. We are also looking at automating packing and palletising.



beer fermenters

Brand new fermenters for sale

Treat yourself to a new fermenter. We have just received some new fermenters, so whether you are looking for a new fermenter as a treat or to increase your brewery just get in touch to discuss more.  2000L Fermenters, full spec, side Manway. These are available

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It’s beGINning

Changes are afoot We recently posted this picture on Facebook asking our friends ‘What could this be?’ A few guesses were off the mark; the guess about our very own Tardis was great & how awesome would that be? However a few guesses were right;

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New presentation packs

Changing to suit customers Whilst we have always offered black and white three and four bottle presentation packs (which have always gone down well with both breweries and the public) we wanted to give more choice to our customers. Therefore we have increased our range. 

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beer fermenters

Second hand kits available

Chilling units. £200 each In good working order. Ideal for fermenter chilling.   4500 litre fermenters £2950 each we have three of these, with chilling panels. 3500L fermenter £950 with chilling panel, dented but works fine. Horizontal Chilled Tank £1000 We use as a CLT

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