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    Contract Bottling

    bottling-02Over the last 12 months we have spent £350,000 upgrading the brewery and adding a new high speed bottling line with an ‘in-line’ carbonator. We can now handle your contract bottling requirements, and can bottle beer in quantities from 800 litres upwards. Please ring for more details.

    Process time is approx. 6 – 8 days. Labels must be supplied with beer, unless commissioned by us.

    Price includes processing, application of your label, crown cap, shrink packing and palletising.

    A deposit may be charged on the pallet base which is fully refundable.


    Pricing Structure


    1x IBC min. 800 litres £6.00 a case of 12 £4.05 case of 8

    1x IBC 1000 litres £5.25 a case of 12 £3.55 case of 8

    2x IBC 2000 litres £5.00 a case of 12 £3.38 case of 8

    3x IBC 3000 litres £4.85 a case of 12 3.28 case of 8



    1x IBC min. 800 litres £8.50 a case of 24

    1x IBC 1000 litres £8.00 a case of 24

    2x IBC 2000 litres £7.74 a case of 24

    3x IBC 3000 litres £7.50 a case of 24


    Roll Label Specification

    Please Note, if we do not have the labels in our possession before we start your bottling run, there will be a labelling surcharge.

    Labels for contract bottling need to be delivered at the same time as your beer, if not beforehand.

    They need to be printed onto a waterproof material, as they will be applied at the time of bottle filling.

    The rolls need to be LEFT HAND WOUND

    Core size of rolls is 76mm minimum.

    If you were interested in labels of approx. 90mm x 127mm or 90mm x 200mm, we could arrange labels for you.

    (We group label jobs together so we can get an extremely competitive price)