It’s beGINning

Gin, Gin,'s coming soon

Changes are afoot.

We recently posted this picture on Facebook asking our friends ‘What could this be?’  

A few guesses were off the mark; the guess about our very own Tardis was great & how awesome would that be? 

However a few guesses were right; it is our very own still. 

Our very own futuristic piece of kit.

As you can see, she is a beauty & whilst she cannot be used for time travel she is still high tech. 


We chose her to ensure consistency across the ranges we are to produce. Admittedly some people like the uniqueness of each batch being different but we wanted to offer consistency to the consumer, as this way they can ensure they are buying the same great tasting product each time they create their batch gin.

Consistency is the key, however we are able to produce small batches of gin, using your own botanicals, foraged throughout the seasons.  Your brand can now have seasonal or even monthly specials, produced in limited quantities. 

Option 1, 2 or 3

1. We rebrand our house gin.

2. We add botanicals to our house gin to produce your own unique flavour. 

3. We produce gin to your unique recipe.

Creating excellent customer service.

We recognise that hot foil is still ‘all the rage’ in the design world thanks to its flexibility and high end look. 


As part of our commitment to excellent customer service we have recently purchased a new label printer for our sister company Brewery print. This new piece of equipment can print hot foil onto labels, therefore allowing you to have your gin created ‘under one roof.’

Branding your gin.

 You can send us your printed labels which we will hand label onto your gin bottle and deliver back to you ready to drink (the best bit.)  

Or we can print them in house for you, using a variety of print methods.


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