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What we got up to in Brau, Germany!

Recently some of our staff went to Brau in Germany to attend the the brewery industries annual trade fair . This is a great excuse for us to drink German beers and of course keep up with any new trends/brewing equipment to pass onto you, our customers.

After some discussion (which did involve a couple of said beers) we knew that our ideas for 2019 could soon be realised.

Some ideas & plans involve our brewery friends.

 We are currently finalising our plans to increase the contract bottling services we offer to you.

 We are looking to expand our facilities by adding a contract canning line. This will enable us to offer you the ability to sell your beer in cans.  Making us a one stop brewery for UK contract bottling and UK contract canning! 


Say Hello to our contract canning service!

After many hours spent comparing the various canning lines available on the market today we decided on one we saw in Brau. 

We were impressed with the canning lines ability to adapt to the various can sizes available in todays beer market as well as the quantity per hour the cans will be filled.  However, the main reason we decided on this particular model is our contract bottling machine is manufactured by the same company.  Therefore  we can offer the contract canning service quickly, knowing we can transfer the efficiency we offer for our contract bottling to contract canning.

contract canning line

february 2019

1. The canning line will be installed here within the brewery, we’re aiming to have the canning line installed and ready to go by February 2019. 

2. We will be offering contract canning in both 330ml and 440ml can sizes.

3. The canning line will be able to fill 3000 cans per hour.

4. We can fill ready printed cans or sleeve/label the cans ourselves.

5. We will of course be offering competitive pricing.


in action in brau

We have already been inundated with requests for more information from some of our contract bottling customers, therefore if you require more information please contact us ASAP.

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