Contract Distilling

Wow, what a year it has been.

When we started our contract distilling we never envisaged just how busy we would be. 

We have at times had stressful moments but mostly we have met some great people, learnt a lot and had fun doing it. 

Especially with the QA!

We are getting even busier.

One of the main learning’s for us during our start up phase was how popular gin actually is.

Yes, there are statistics out there which state the UK alone is responsible for over £1.5 billion in gin being sold annually, but it’s 

the diversity of the clients which we were not expecting.

We have mainly worked with both micro-breweries and retailers, but recently we are crafting gin for corporate companies who are looking for their own branded gin, primarily as gifts for clients and staff.

Small Batch gin.

There doesn’t seem to be an actual definition of what small batch gin or craft gin is, but small batch gin can easily be described as gin that is made in small batches!


We started offering our small batch gins in 3 various quantities. Firstly 14L Secondly 56L and finally 455l.

These all constitute small batch gins and the beauty about small batches is that they allow you to create recipes which are on trend, without the worry of stock issues when the trend inevitably changes.


Now to us craft gin is not always small batch gin. We believe craft gin is a gin which is hand crafted!

We use a neutral grain spirit and all of the botanicals are added by our distiller after he has selected and weighed them to match your recipe requirements perfectly.

This is what we believe a craft gin to be. 

juniper berries

Miniatures are bigger

We have seen these increase hugely in popularity, primarily due to them being perfect for sales for new brands as customers are always 

willing to spend a few pounds to try an exciting new gin. 

Similarly if you are creating flavoured gins or a variety of gins then miniatures offer a more cost effective solution  to trial the gins individually or as a gift pack and evaluate feedback quickly.  

Want your own gin or just to know more?

Get in touch with Mike our distillery on or click below

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