The recent years has seen a meteoric rise in the sales of gin.

Flavoured, London Dry, Premium or Super Premium, it seems everyone is drinking their favourite tipple.


Some say the market has become too saturated or a premium rum will soon be the on trend spirit.


Only time will tell if gin retains its crown. Nevertheless moving with the times and being a player in whatever spirit is top is a must for anyone looking to get a slice of the spirit pie.


Here in lies the crux for most newcomers: the market is no longer content with just a great drink. It needs great packaging and design, a transparent story behind it.

This is where we can help.

We are currently in our seventeenth year of trading, and the reason for our longevity and growth is primarily we have continually evolved, recognising and adapting to the changing demands of consumers.


Additionally we don’t see other breweries as competitors, we believe in being open and honest, we advertise our prices on our website in real time and we help each others by sharing best practice.


It is these methods which have led to the expansion of our contract services year on year.


A perfect example is our expansion into the spirits market. In 2018 we purchased a state of the art digitally controlled still, and we launched their own brand of gin – Paper Mill Distillery.

The next step was a given, expanding our current contract services to include gin.

The distillery offers two choices for crafting gin; traditional distillation and cold compounding.


For those unfamiliar with these methods the brewery’s distiller Joe Richards is the go to person for recipe creation. Naturally he oversees all gin production, from the initial creation through to despatch.


Whilst the distillery is still in its infancy compared to the brewery we have quickly amassed an impressive clientele, a large amount of which are other micro-breweries who are looking to diversify into the spirits market.


Indeed Joe has found that more often than not breweries have a distinct advantage entering the spirits market, primarily thanks to the rise in craft beers, as brewers quickly had to learn and understand which modern flavours complement one another when creating new and exciting beers.


With guidance from Joe this knowledge can be transferred to flavour creations in gin.

To date, we have created over 60 different gins using both our bespoke and cold compounding methods.

Joe believes it is the cold compounding method which is the main contributing factor for the recent gin craze, as although cold compounding has been around for over a century it was always perceived to be an inferior product to a traditionally distilled gin.


However thanks to modern techniques, and the vast quantity of high quality natural ingredients available, a distiller can use the cold compounding method to craft high end products.


Which sit well next to a premium distilled gin, and are very much in favour with consumers.


Explore what we can offer.

We can work with you to begin your spirit brand with quantities from a little as just 20 x 70cl bottles of gin at 40% proof, for you to rebrand as your own, giving you the option without a large financial outlay.


In addition we often have to hand our house gin, which your desired ingredients can be added to, allowing you to bring your gin to market much more quickly than our bespoke distilling service allows.


For those of you who want to take the leap and venture into a full spirits portfolio contact us to discuss our vodka and rum as we have recently started to offer these additional spirits to a few select clients, and we are now rolling it out to all.

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