Focus On Staffordshire Gold

Glorious Gold

Staffordshire Gold is a simple, lower ABV refreshing beer. Crafted for warm days, which deserve friends,  picnics and laughs.


Easy to see why when this view is on our doorstep!

Image by Tim Hill from Pixabay

Malt vs Hops

Our Gold beer can be described as a light, crisp refreshing beer which has a slightly hoppy taste with a floral aroma. 


We craft this beer with a selection of three different malts, the predominant malt being a classic pale malt.


A larger selection of hops to malts are added throughout the process, but the main hop ingredient is the super high alpha: Columbus. Derived from the U.S. and known for it’s high earthy flavour with hints of liquorice and/or pepper. 

Staffordshire Gold Beer

This quality hand crafted ale is brewed the traditional way, and triple filtered for a clean crisp finish.  Best served at 8°c in either a conical or tulip glass. And at just 3.8% ABV you can feel guilt free.

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