Hand bottling Kit.
This is the best bottling kit on the market for producing bottle conditioned beer.
We used to fill 2000 bottles a day with two people, one filling and one capping. 
A bargain at £425.00

Download Bottling procedure sheet below

Bottling procedure sheet

Fermenting/Uni-tank Vessels 
We supply Fermenting Vessels at very competitive prices.
They can be used for fermenting, conditioning, or carbonation.
We use 20 of these vessels of various sizes.
They are fully loaded, including….full chilling panel on main body, and cone.
Pressure release valve, Full CIP, Temperature gauge probe socket
Good for ale or lager.
You can also pop round to our place and see them in action!

Fermenter Prices

1000 litre £5900
2000 litre £6950
2200 litre with extra top manway £7300

Prices include import duty and delivery to certain areas.
It does not include unloading from the delivery vehicle.                                               
You have to arrange that yourself!
Pricing may vary due to strength of dollar and shipping costs.


Hand Labelling Machine 
For years, we stuck all labels on by hand. Then we found this little baby.
Once set up its dead easy to use, and comes with full instructions.
A no brainer at £185.00
Made by Stevenson & Reeves in Scotland.
We sell a lot of these as they are very easy to break!
They come in various sizes, the main ones being….
That covers everything the brewer is going to need.
Priced to sell at £59.95 each.