Cask Beer

Welcome to our Cask beer page which showcases a selection of our Beers.


The Staffordshire Brewery Cask Ales are primarily sold in and around Staffordshire, whereas the Corkes Cask Ales are primarily sold outside of Staffordshire.

A traditional aromatic Indian pale ale

Alc 4.5%

A smooth stout with rich chocolate undertones

Alc 4.5%

Our strongest Ale in cask, A well balanced ale with a hint of citrus

Alc 5.0%

A blonde ale brewed using lager malt to give a hint of sweetness followed by a floral bitterness

Alc 3.8%

Created using a traditional recipe to give a light fruity flavour

Alc 4.2%

A golden coloured ale with a hoppy flavour

Alc 4.5%