How it all started

In a garden shed!

Myself and partner Sue began brewing
hand crafted beers in our garden shed, with just two fermenters and a four barrel plant, the ales were bottled in the kitchen!


It all started in 2002 in the heart of the Staffordshire Moorlands.

Our beer production grew, so we moved to a 1000 sq ft unit in Cheddleton, enabling a 6 barrel plant to be set up, allowing us to sell more beers at local farmers’ markets.




2017 was a busy year for us as we installed a new 35 bbl brewery, a new bottle filler, which filled 3000 bottles an hour and lots of associated equipment. This gave us an extremely efficient system of bottling beers, and allowed us to pass on some cost savings to our customers.


In 2010, Nigel Cope joined the brewery as a shareholder and director. Six new recipes were formulated and over 12 months, the plant expanded to 20 barrels.

A high speed bottling line was installed for the company’s own use, but which also offers contract bottling to other specialist breweries.


Our newest venture is into the world of gin with Paper Mill Distillery. We wanted to add to the gin category in a unique way, crafting beautiful gins which incorporate botanicals not seen on every bar. We took inspiration from out team members and their world adventures, we believe our core range has done just that.

We have expanded over the years to keep the business interesting, me on my toes and to offer customers lots of options .

— Adrian Corke —







Ready for your label


seperators available for bottle protection


clean and crisp white finish