ABV Testing

Precision everytime with our Anton Paar DMA 4500M and
Anton Paar Alcolyzer Beer ME machines.

Meets All Requirements

The equipment meets all the requirements of applicable sections of relevant EU directives in design and type, and is used and accepted by HMRC Duty regulations. HMRC Excise Notice 226 paragraphs 12.2, and 30.3.

Quick and effecient turnaround

The sample is introduced into a U shaped borosilicate glass tube that is being excited to vibrate at its characteristic frequency. This frequency changes depending on the density of the sample which can then be calculated. In binary mixtures the density is a function of its composition therefore the composition of the mixture can be calculated.

salsa approved

testing prices

For all testing, please send in at least 100ml of beer/cider.
You will receive a certificate for each test.