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Here you will find a full range of bottling & brewing equipment

Contract Bottling

We offer a highly efficient contract bottling service and we are also open and honest with our pricing.

Beer Labels

We offer a label service offering both roll labels and sheet for bottled beers and beer packaging.

Brewery Supplies

We are a one stop shop for any micro breweries or home brewers.

we are aiming high

2019 is going to be an exciting year for us!!


Meet the team

Meet Tom, our Operations Director

Question Time with Tom. Our monthly meet the team starts with Tom, our operations director. Today’s post is all about the Contract bottling and canning side of the business Tom looks after.  I may even let Tom do a takeover day, as I’m sure a

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Contract Canning

What we got up to in Brau, Germany! Recently some of our staff went to Brau in Germany to attend the the brewery industries annual trade fair . This is a great excuse for us to drink German beers and of course keep up with any new trends/brewing

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Contract Bottling 2019

best prices in the u.k! 1000 Litres of your beer into 12 x 500ml bottles is only £4.84 and 1000 Litres into 12 x 330ml bottles is only  £3.74! Staffordshire Brewery still has the BEST PRICES IN THE U.K. for your contract bottling needs!   We run

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