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Here you will find a full range of bottling & brewing equipment

beautiful beers

We know that beer trends come and go, so whether you want to bottle a 330ml East Coast IPA or a 500ml Traditional stout you can. And rest assured our excellence in customer service never changes.

crafty cans

What do amazing artworks and hazy beers have in common? Cans of course...with us you will find a selection of cans ready to be filled and branded by us for you.

gorgeous gins

Gorgeous gins are expertly crafted through a perfect collaboration of the senses. All of our contract gins are smelt, tasted and viewed throughout the distillation process and finally each bottle is hand filled and finished off by hand.

juniper berries

Our Beer Collection


Contract Distilling

Wow, what a year it has been. When we started our contract distilling we never envisaged just how busy we would be.  We have at times had stressful moments but mostly we have met some great people, learnt a lot and had fun doing it. 

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Meet the team

Meet Tom, our Operations Director

Question Time with Tom. Our monthly meet the team starts with Tom, our operations director. Today’s post is all about the Contract bottling and canning side of the business Tom looks after.  I may even let Tom do a takeover day, as I’m sure a

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Contract Canning

What we got up to in Brau, Germany! Recently some of our staff went to Brau in Germany to attend the the brewery industries annual trade fair . This is a great excuse for us to drink German beers and of course keep up with any new trends/brewing

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