get your product noticed.

When shopping for your desired alcohol do you notice the variety of coloured glass bottles and beautifully designed labels, or do you hone in on your particular favourite drink by looking for their specific branding?


Whichever way you choose to search for your drink is personal to you, but what is the same for everyone is the fact that colours and/or artistically designed labels often contribute to their decision making when they purchase a drink for the first time.

getting your design right.

The first process of getting label design right is the actual design.  At this point there are options available to ensure a creative finish.  You may be a dab hand with any one of the computer design applications available thus choosing to design the label yourself. Or you may employ a designer to bring your ideas to the drawing board. And whilst this is the first process to bringing your ideas to life, it is the second process which will see you collaborating with us. 



Learn about label dimensions.

So you have your label artistry in place but does it fit within the label dimensions for your bottle?

Compared to other areas of the design process this is the for most people the ‘boring part’ but this is probably the most important part of the overall design process!


You see having a great design applied to a label when the dimensions don’t fit each other is like wearing shoes which are too small. It is painful (in the case of the label it all seems ‘off’) and hinders the purpose for which they are made. 


If you look at the images below you can see how the label is designed with all of the text placed so that it is visually pleasing and suits to sizing of the label.

Below you will find the standard label dimensions we work to for our beer bottles, beer cans and spirit bottles. We can accomodate other label sizes BUT please speak to Bernard – our label manager beforehand. REMEBER: on all labels leave a 2mm bleed.



Learn about label papers

We can provide labels made on a semi-gloss paper with a gloss or matt varnish, the price is
the same for either. This economic option is ideal when used on clean, dry bottles with no
This material is suitable for after bottling, used on dry bottles only.


This commonly used material is suitable for both pre and post fill application. A robust and
bright material lends itself to a large range of designs that will stand up to rough handling.
Ideal for damp environments.


Similar application characteristics to White PP being robust and versatile. The metallic effect
of Silver PP can make your designs stand out on the shelf. This is the material used for
Staffordshire brewery labels. This material is suitable for both pre and post fill application.


Clear PP is a robust and striking material suitable for application in all environments. This
clear substrate allows for your designs such graphics or text to sit on the bottle with or
without a background. Irregular shapes and front and back designs can sometimes be
incorporated within a regular shape on Clear PP making it a versatile option.


This premium weight paper stock has a craft feel, highly suitable for use on artisan products.
The Ultra Wet Stock that we favour has excellent properties when subjected to fridge tests
and damp environment application. Performs perfectly with all pre and post fill requirements.



Learn about label Finishes


A matt finish has no reflective gloss, thus making the colours more subdued. This finish is perfect for natural products or brands which focus on nature in their branding.

A gloss finish creates a shine on the whole label, this can help make colours ‘pop’ A gloss finish can also be applied to specific areas on a label, such as an embossed section, helping these parts stand out even more.
If you take the Silver PP substrate (as advised above) you can create a metallic finish on any part of the label, by overlaying a colour such as gold CMYK colour code directly on top of the silver PP (as shown below for our Rudyard Ruby Premium beer label). The areas which are to be non metallic will then have a white layer applied before any of your art is added.  
Embossed labels are best done on the Tintoretto substrate, this premium paper reacts brilliantly to having a design ‘pressed’ into it to create raised sections.   The raised white writing and swirls in our gin label below is a great example of embossing.

Learn about lead times

Please allow up to 10 working days for new artworks to return from production.

If your works are reprints, the lead time decreases to 7 working days.


Our lead times can sometimes be much shorter dependant on workloads and
U.K holiday times.


We are able to ‘rush’ labels if your order is urgent, and our label provider can oblige us. The option to have your order rushed through will attract a surcharge of 20% per 1000 labels and lead time is dependent on workload.

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