We have made the process easy.

Our team take great pleasure in treating each beer as an individual, so much so that due to our Operation Directors’ background in hotels he decided to treat each beer as a guest and each conditioning tank as a bedroom.

Thus enabling us to give our guests a check in and check out date, so you know
exactly what day your beer will be packaged on. This way you’re not waiting around for your beer to be packaged when it’s convenient for the packaging company.


You’ll be given a firm date so that you can plan your brew schedules and stock movements easier.

How to book bottling/canning/kegging.

Any booking can be made through email communication. It is often dealt with by either our label manager Bernard, or our Production manager Marc.

You simply need to email with the volume of beer and the date you wish to send your beer to us (or have us collect)  and we will check our booking form and confirm back the date and tank number your beer will be in. 

A couple of weeks BEFORE your beer is due into us you will receive an email from Bernard requesting the documentation we need from yourself to process your contract bottling/canning/kegging request. 

It is important your documents are received by us before your beer to ensure we meet set guidelines. 

How to book brewing services.

Our brewing services are combined with our contract bottling/canning/kegging services. All information for our brewing services can be found here.

To book our brewing services you simply need to email to discuss the options which suit your needs best.

This is the same email address as our contract bottling/canning/kegging services to help keep all conversations fluid.

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