Labels and barcodes

Sheet and Roll Labels Printing

We are able to print labels for your bottles and presentation packs on either sheets or rolls.
Our sheet label printing service is great if you only need a few hundred labels, also they are very easy to peel off and stick on. In addition they are also the fastest to print, and can normally be turned round in 24 hours. Therefore it is not unusual for customers to request sheet labels in the morning and get them the next day!
We use the latest xerox colour digital printing technology, and print onto a specialist label material.
We have two sizes are available, which are set out below.
If you require roll labels, we can get the best prices as a broker, because we can combine print jobs for maximum discounts. Printing does take longer, so if you need labels for contract bottling, please don’t leave until the last minute.
Roll labels can be printed in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your bottles.


Roll Label Pricing

We price each job individually as it depends first of all on what size they are, secondly how many you want, and finally what substrate they are printed on to.
We can ensure accurate colour matching on all roll label jobs.
If you require more information download the Roll Label Specification Guidelines click here Roll Labels

Sheet Label Pricing

We offer two sizes of labels, which will fit onto bottles or presentation packs, our label sizes are preset and cannot be changed.
In order to print to the highest standard we require a print ready hi-resolution jpeg ( min 300 x 300 dpi ) with 3mm bleed area, and NO print
marks for in house printing. All labels are kept on file for future use.
We do not offer a colour matching service on sheet labelling.
There is an initial one of setup charge of £7.50 per label artwork. 
Amendments will be charged individually.
3 on a sheet 88.9mm x 200mm (round corners)
Minimum order 201 from one artwork
201 of same artwork £0.20p per label
300 of same artwork £0.15p per label
600 of same artwork £0.12p per label
4 on a sheet 88.9mm x 127mm (round corners)
Minimum order 200 from one artwork
200 of same artwork £0.15p per label
400 of same artwork £0.09p per label
800 of same artwork £0.07.5p per label

Barcode Rental

You can rent  GTIN13 barcodes from us which are suitable for bottle labels.

Minimum order quantity is TEN and the minimum rental period is two years.

£3 each per year for the barcode number for example – 10 numbers over two years equates to £60

Jpeg image if required £3 each

Print Your Own 
Shortly we will be launching a colour printer system which is fully guaranteed to work with our label stock.
In the meantime you can buy unprinted label stock from us, although we cannot guarantee it will work on your printer.
1 x 100 sheets of 4 on a sheet label £12.95 or 1 x 100 sheets of 3 on a sheet label £14.00
1 x 500 sheets of 4 on a sheet label £60.00 or 1 x 500 sheets of 3 on a sheet label £65.00