welcome to
our contract canning

trust us to look after all your canning needs.

what we 'can' offer

We can offer the same high standard of service for our canning service
as we offer for our bottling service.

Pricing at bottom of page.

high specification equipment

A new 3000 CPH Line Rotary Counter Pressure Filler.
We can carbonate and sterile filter your beer or filter to a lesser level, or even none at all.

contract canning machine close up
naked beer can

Which can will
you choose?

330ml, 440ml, black or silver?

your beer
canned here

Our canning line is installed here at the brewery as we believe that your beer is better off being delivered to us, rather than our canning line coming to you.

uk contract bottling delivery image
soar design

let your
designs soar

We can showcase your artwork on either
Printed, Sleeved or Labelled cans.

salsa approved

Your beer will pass through our tried and tested SALSA approved system

Safe and Local Supplier Approval

labelling for your cans

Label sizing

330ml can - 85mm x 205mm
440ml can - 120mm x 205mm

submitting Labels

Artwork is to be supplied as a print ready PDF file with a 2mm bleed.

Canning specifications

contract canning
prices 2019

Carbonated Sterile Filtered, 5 Micron Partially Filtered, or Unfiltered.

1000l minimum, most T&C's same as contract bottling.

No shelf life guarantee on partial or unfiltered beer.

Price includes beer processing and stabilisation, the can and top, label application (if applicable), tray and shrink wrap.

10% discount has already been applied to pricing

ABV Test

contract canning forms

Please complete and send us these forms via email before we receive your beer.

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