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unrivalled expertise for your contract bottling.

open since 2002

Price includes processing, bottle and crown cap, label application, shrink packing and outer case label (if required).

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Trust us with your beers

simple booking in system

Send your beer on holiday to us using a simple booking in procedure, similar to a hotel booking system. It will be returned securely and on time.
We are always busy so please book your slot 6 weeks in advance.

contract bottling bottles

different bottles for
different beers

We can offer you a choice of bottles, ranging in different sizes; 330ml, 500ml standard or 500ml tall and 750ml. We even offer 1, 2 and 3 litre swing tops!

high quality equipment
& staff

Why contract bottle with us? Well we could go on about our 'state of the art' 3000 BPH bottling line, or our experience earned over thousands of bottling runs - but we won't.
What we will go on about is our customer service - that is what sets us apart, and of course, the quality of our finished product

contract bottling in action

salsa approved

Your beer will pass through our tried and tested SALSA approved system

contract bottling forms

Please complete and send us these forms
via email before we receive your beer.


If the answer to your question is not below
feel free to get in touch.

We will store your contract bottled beer for a maximum of two weeks.
After this period we will charge £5.00 per pallet space per week.

Yes, but please make sure your Hops are contained in a muslin bag.

Loose Hops in an IBC will cause huge losses of beer and block filters.

We require all forms to be completed at least a week BEFORE we receive your beer.

Yes we can bottle into clear/flint 500ml glass bottles (subject to availability). Please add £0.02 per bottle. 

No, you can rent fold away Arlington containers, which use a single trip bag or use a rigid IBC.
Send us your beer in the IBC and we will return it with your bottled beers.

You will be given a specific date when we need your beer to be delivered. We accept deliveries between the hours of 09.00 – 16.00. Mon – Fri

The minimum volume we will accept is 800L. If you book in 1000L and we receive less than a 1000L a surcharge will be applicable of £0.42 a litre to the shortfall. e.g. Send in 940L and the surcharge applied will be £0.42 x 60L beer difference. All beers are digitally metered. 

We feel this is fairer than charging you the 800 litre rate!

Yes we can. We have both a 1000L brewery and a 4000L brewery. Please email for a your personalised quote.