Meet Marc. Our newly promoted production manager.

Question time with Marc, our production manager

Marc oversees all day to day production operations, such as contract packing services.

In this section we are asking him about his day to day life here at the brewery, feel free to comment below with any questions you have!

1. let's find out about you marc and what you do here.

a. As you work in the alcohol industry we have to know what is your favourite drink?

I’m partial to a smooth whisky, so my go to drink is an Irish whiskey, especially a Jameson. Although not neat, I add a splash of lemonade.

b. What is on your bucket list?

I know most people have a bucket list and to be honest I don’t, however if I was to choose something it would be to go on a safari, I definitely want to experience the big 5 in their natural surroundings.

c. Finally, what is it you do here?

Well, I have been here for nearly three years and I have recently been promoted to production manager. So, I oversee contract packing services, i.e. bottling, canning and kegging.

Our bottling line is the main contract service I manage, primarily this entails making sure everything is running smoothly.  

2. You've been here for nearly three years, any key learning points?

I think for me, same as most people the past two years with covid has created some issues. The on and off trade had to adapt quickly to attempt to survive. In particular the on trade started to offer takeaway services and this increased the need for our contract services, which were already very popular in the UK. This meant a busier work environment as we also had to abide by all the rules in place. But we felt a need to help those who were struggling so we made it work. We increased our working hours and flexi time for shifts and staff all helped out where they could. 


This has now seen us being able to work a more flexi work pattern and will continue to do so.

3. That takes me nicely onto my next question...any news you want to share?


We are expanding, we are taking on an additional three  team members and extending our opening hours. This means we are able offer more contract services slots to both current and new customers, including customers who have larger litres of beer to package. 

4. Can you give me three benefits of customers being with us for their contract services.

a. Service. 

When Tom interviewed me for my previous role he was very explicit about offering a great customer experience. Of course a lot of companies say this but it’s here in the culture, so it play’s out every day. 

For example, we’re very flexible for our customers. Sometimes brewers forget to book slots until they have brewed their beer! They know we book slots way in advance due to how full we get but, more often than not we will slot them in. This can mean overtime to accommodate them, which of course we don’t tell them – we just get it done. 

b. Pricing. 

I think what sets us apart from other companies is we are very open about our pricing, it’s all on our website. 

Plus we offer price breaks for large quantities.

Also I know we have been hit by the increase in glass and other stuff, such as caps but we have absorbed the cost to help our customers. Obviously if they are trading then we do too! 

c. Everything is here 

You can literally do everything with us, we offer brewing, bottling, canning, kegging and even labels.

There’s  a lot to be said for one company dealing with all of your needs, if nothing else you don’t forget who does what! 

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