Beat rising costs with Staffordshire Brewing

We are not increasing our contract service prices

Lately it seems as though everything is increasing in price.

Even in the brewing arena the price of essential ingredients and packaging has increased, some by as much as 50%!


However, here at Staffordshire brewing supplies we’ve decided to absorb the increasing costs. We will not forward them onto our customers. Both current and new.


To confirm: All of our SALSA approved contract services for beer will retain the same pricing as 2020/21. 

beer-malt barrel

contract bottling prices

Our excellent contract bottling service enables us to be a favourite, leading provider for numerous breweries.


We offer filling services starting from just 1000L , across our 330ml, 500ml and kegging facilities.  As an additional bonus, you can choose to split the 1000l (plus) into any of our filling options at a

ratio which is a suitable solution for your sales plan. 


See below for a guide on prices

500ml bottle packaged in case of 12

330ml bottle packaged in case of 24

contract Canning Prices

Our contract canning services are  increasing in popularity. We have a cross selection of customers who solely can their beer with us and a selection of customers who split their beer into bottle and can packaging.

Again, we offer filling services starting from just 1000L . Our can sizes are based on the standard UK sizes off 330ml and 440ml.


Or you can supply your own labelled can creating a reduced cost to our filling service.  

330ml can supplied & packaged in case of 24

440ml can supplied & packaged in case of 24

contract brewing and packaging

We can brew your beer for you, and then package it into bottle, can or keg. (no cask)
Our pricing is transparent, all you do is supply the ingredients. ( Some can be purchased from ourselves )

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