Let's speak with Lorna, our office superstar

Question Time With Lorna.

For those of you who don’t yet know Lorna she’s our office administrator.

She helps Lucy run all the admin for our brewery, distillery and brewing services.

1. Lorna, Tell Us A Bit About Yourself And What You Do Here.

Of course we need to know you favourite drink.

Builders brew.

And what’s on your bucket list.

Love to see the Fjords and Northern lights…one day.

And now here.

Well, i’ve been with Staffordshire Brewery for just over a year now. I started with absolutley no knowledge or experience of the beer industry and thankfully Lucy gave me a chance…I’m hoping it’s paying off!


My main day to day is coordinating despatch of goods, through from point of sale to delivery. This means I get to talk reguarly with you wonderful customers!

2. Whats your favourite part of working here or in the beer industry?

Oh where do I start, I know it’s a cliche but I do honestly love my job. Staffordshire brewery is an extension of my family, soppy as it is, it’s true, and the interaction with the customers is great – the majority of the time!


I think the beer industry brings out people from all walks of life and you certainly meet some great and very interesting people who often make me LOL.

3. What have you learnt so far with regards to customer service, specifically for the beer industry?

Oh,  how much beer legislation there is, for example W8 forms, it’s of paramount importance that these are sent in to us on time and completed and returned correctly. So customers keeping us up to date and vice versa plays a massive role in my job.

What does help is the website as documents can be downloaded from there and most of our customers questions are updated on there too.


So feel free when calling me and asking questions or wanting information to ask me to have the website updated!

4. what advice would you give to a customer to make their lives easier when placing an order?

Don’t leave things until the last minute.

It’s definately so much more fun brewing and tasting the beers and other things can get put to one side but leaving them until the last minute can cause problems with future brewing.

For example, relying on next day delivery, now we do offer this but there are limitations, such as your location. We also have to adhere to cut off times for placing orders, primarily due to the fact I personally prepare the orders and arrange all logistics, so the cut off time is to allow me to achieve a 100% success rate in getting each and every customers goods out correctly and on time, so to reiterate – know what you want to order and place in plenty of time…et voila

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