Let's speak with Adrian - the boss man

Question time with adrian, our mD

Adrian is our long suffering (or is that us?) managing director. 

In this section we are asking him about his day to day life here at the brewery, feel free to comment below with any questions you have!

1. adrian, tell us a bit about yourself and what it is you actually do here?

I started the brewery in my garden shed in 2002, and now i’m running a multi-million pound business, basically through hard work, luck and some great staff. I think the main thing i’m responsible for is the wellbeing of my staff and the financial profitability, and expansion of our brewing services business.


On a personal note i’m an audiophile, i often unwind at the end of the day listening to classical music with a glass of wine. I’m also looking forward to gradually moving to Cornwall, and partly running the business from there.


2. what's your favoutie part of working in the brewery industry?

Its nice to meet intersting people, and sell them things.  I also get to employ amazing staff who I can rely on to get things done as my motto is ‘When it’s busy get out of the way’

3. What's your key learning for anyone wanting to get into the brewery industry?

It’s a very tough and competitive market, you definately need to get your financials right from day one. 

Your beers do not have to be ‘on trend’ or the next new big thing but they do have to be very good.

4. any plans for the business moving forward?

We have a few things we are working on for the near future.  Each one being part of the business but also seperate in their own right.

All involve growing the business as a whole, offering a competitive service, and increasing profitability.  

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