Our 500ml amber glass beer bottles are very popular in the UK market. They are durable, cheap and we sell them in various quantities to suit you.

Beer bottling with 500ml glass

Traditional in their shape they are suitable for all types of ales, including carbonated.

Their shape also works great whether you are contract bottling your beer or bottling the beer yourself with a two/four head filler.

Thanks to their low cost and durability they are brilliant for micro breweries who wish to buy them in smaller quantities and as they hold a variety of beers, you are free to experiment with a hoppy lager or a hazy IPA.


Similarly, the amber glass extends their cost effectiveness to the labels you are able to apply. You have the option to  print your labels on white PP, a very inexpensive substrate. Or if you are looking to add a metalic shine to your labels these bottles work just as good with silver PP, another inexpensive substrate but with a bit more glamour.

Sizing up the bottle.

Just shy of a pints worth of beer will fill these 500ml beer bottles.


They have a height of approx 225mm and a diameter of approx 74mm with a 52mm fill level.  The label panel is approx 94mm, all this information and other key information can be found here on our 500ml bottle specification pdf. 

Buy them direct from us.

Buying 500ml bottles direct from us could not be easier, you can purchase as little of as many as you would like starting from just one box of 12 bottles!


Of course we very rarely sell one box but we have regualr customers who collect from us starting with just 10 boxes. For the larger scale breweries we offer Nationwide pallet delivery. A pallet holds 1235 bottles and we are able to fit the crown caps on top, in addition to bottle boxes thus combining delivery.

A box of 12 500ml bottles is £3.35 and a pallet is £237.00 + a pallet deposit of £12. 


To order simply get in touch with Lucy or Lorna in the office on 01538 361919 or email them on

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