For nearly three years we have been helping our clients, realise their dreams, of creating an award winning spirit brand. With awards from bronze to gold in various categories it is safe to say we know a little about creating and producing great spirits.

So happy for our clients.

For nearly three years we have been helping our clients, realise their dreams of creating an award winning spirit brand. With awards from bronze to gold in various categories, and styles of spirits it is safe to say, we know a little about creating and producing great spirits.

We have worked with some lovely people, in fact we have over one hundred clients on our books. Some are repeat clients who sell on a larger scale into supermarkets, some are seasonal who sell through local markets, and a few commercial companies have used us for our corporate gift services.

Whilst the past twelve months have seen ecommerce sales sky rocket, (a trend likely to stay, even if not to the same levels we are currently experiencing) hospitality is opening up again, therefore maybe now is the time for you to collaborate with us to create your award winning spirit brand.

Which Spirits competition?

Until recent times, it seemed every day a new gin would appear on the shelves of bars, and every year a new spirit competition would be ready to judge your new product.

We have global competitions and national competitions, entries starting from under £100 to £100’s. It can be confusing knowing which competition your key market will know and understand. But being placed in any competition is great advertising for your brand. However, be sure to enter the correct category for you and your spirit, for example, winning a bronze medal in the flavoured gin category is ace when this is the area you are looking to progress and excel in, winning gold in the flavoured gin category is not so great when your gin is reminiscent of a an old Tom gin, essentially bath tub gin/compounded gin c19th.

Nowadays they even have design category awards, and with the trend for upcycling still going well; fairy lights, candles, flowers, rustic wedding table centrepieces, we’ve all seen them (you cannot go on Pinterest without seeing someone posting their awesome upcycling attempts.) you should showcase your spirit bottle design with upcycling being the end result.

Simply put, your bottle wins gold in a design category, a consumer sees the award and purchases your spirit, they finish the bottle and add fairy lights, post the image and voila…easy marketing for your product, without trying.

So, which spirit competition to enter is personal to your spirit and business finances, research their costs and categories and narrow down which is best for you. Be warned, starting earlier than later is always better as they tend to release entry spaces months before they judge and announce.

How can we help?

We offer modern distilling techniques and a traditional approach to recipe development, our 500ltr still will produce high quality spirits with precision. This is the perfect method to provide your brand with consistency from batch to batch.

Before we begin your recipe creation you will have conversations with Joe – our distiller, he will discuss your vision and guide you through the options and botanicals/flavours available.

Your choices with us will fall into three options, the standard option is where you can take any of our carefully crafted house spirits. (London dry gin, Vodka, White rum, Spiced rum and Dark rum.) and personalise it with your own branding. We have a minimum quantity for rebranding of just 50 x 70cl bottles, equivalent to 35 litres, which can be split across varying bottle sizes.

Our premium service allows you to compound our house spirits with botanicals or natural flavours to produce your very own unique gin, vodka or rum. We will guide you through the process of perfecting your flavour profile and produce a sample for you. Then we will bottle and label as per your brand.
The minimum quantity and bottle choices for our premium service is the same as our standard service.

Finally we offer a bespoke London Dry Gin, using our own 500 litre still. Again, we would guide you through the recipe development stages and finally produce a sample for you. We are also able to upscale any recipes you have had produced previously. We then bottle and label as per your brand.
Our still will produce approximately 500 x 70cl bottles of gin.  In addition to 70cl bottles we offer this service in, 50cl, 35cl, 20cl and 5cl bottles, or in your own bottle if provided.

Prices for our contract spirit services vary but all usually fall under £20 per 70cl bottle. This includes packaging and duty paid.

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