Staycation, Festival, garden party. Recent times have seen changes, and the ready to drink market is taking advantage.

the Trend for rtd's continues

There’s no denying the return of Ready to drink (or RTD for short,) they have recently seen phenomenal growth in each market segment.


Of course they were around during the late 1990’s and  early 2000’s. However they often had highly sweetened flavour profiles, thus classed as a low budget, less alcoholic tasting drink. Predominantly associated with the younger generation, with packaging design and advertisements specifically targeted the younger market.  Then along came craft beers…


The explosion onto the beer scene of local breweries was thanks to brewers who as consumers themselves understood people were crying out for  high quality, tasty flavour profiles. They took pride in the development and provenance of their beers, similarly they understood the growing public awareness of reducing their carbon footprint. This in turn produced a locally brought  highly crafted award winning product. Furthermore they recognised their award winning beers deserved to be showcased in award winning designs.


It was seen as acceptable to be drinking beer from a can. Indeed drinks in cans were taking off.

cans are the 'it' lifestyle packaging.

Nowadays for those leading a health conscious lifestyle grabbing a can of beer on the run is not an issue, thankyou low ABV beer in cans. For those who don’t want a beer and are looking for a natural, low calorie alcoholic beverage? The option could be a hard seltzer (currently kicking up a storm in the US, and now they can be found on our shores) or a pre mixed cocktail using high quality botanicals/flavourings and a premium spirit.


For those craving a life full of experiences or travel again (who isn’t?) drinking any of the above from cans is a perfect option, they are easier and lighter to carry, they are recyclable and less prone to breakages and with the fabulous designs around, they look great on their stories. 

How we can help you.

We have two viable options for any brewery looking to get into the RTD market.


  • Purchase our boxed cans in either 330ml or 440ml black or silver and fill them yourselves.
  • Send your beer into us and we will contract fill your beer for you.

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