Time to meet our brewer

Question time with Dave, our resident brewer.

Dave works with us on a part time basis. He has sole responsibility for all of our branded and white label beers.

In addition he oversees the brewing of all our contract brewing customers.


1. let's find out about Dave and what he does here.

a. As you work in the alcohol industry we have to know what is your favourite drink?

I fluctuate between a really good full bodied stout or a North American IPA. Often influenced by the seasons or what I can find on the bar.

b. What is on your bucket list?

Easy. One day I will travel through Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. I will mix it up, sometimes trekking, sometimes scooting through streets on a Honda. But I cant wait to see the sights and meet the locals.  

c. Finally, what is it you do here?

I am the head brewer for Staffordshire Brewery beers and I am also the contract brewer for any customers who wish to use our facilities.

2. Why did you get into brewing?

I suppose it all  started when I was at uni. I was the only one who could make a decent brew the morning after for all of my flat mates!


It wasn’t until a few years later in 2009 when I decided to start thinking about brewing being a full-time career. It was 2009 when I opened my brewery: Oh Micro Brewery. 

I was really proud of my little venture, our beers won numerous awards. We were recognised by the Great British Beer Festival one  year, we were the smallest ever brewery there (at that time.)

We won champion beer of Cheshire a few times. 

I decided to sell in 2018 and it is still going strong.

3. What advice would you give a brewer starting out?

Definitely to be fastidious with your admin and pay attention to all the details when brewing.

The admin may be the ‘boring’ bit, but it is the most important for consistency and monitoring your brews. So, make sure your ingredients are precisely weighed to the gram, your brew sheets are up to date with the correct data and of course all of your equipment is so clean – you would drink your beer from it.  

4. Can you give 3 benefits of a customer using us for their contract brewing needs?

1. The Kit.

The piece of kit really is a great kit. It’s a 35bbl brewery which can easily brew a great beer. It’s a state of the art piece and no expense has been spared. 

2. Choices.

We give you two options when brewing with us, we can supply all the ingredients or just Muntons malts and you can supply your own hops etc, this ensures your brew recipes are matched to your requirements and consistent. 

3. Everything in one place.

This is a large brewery in a great space, everything is in house. So you can literally have a start to finished bottled/canned/kegged product all done in one space. 

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