330 Amber Glass Bottle
Our second best selling glass line.
Available on a pallet of 1805 ( battle of Trafalgar ) bottles, carefully wrapped.
Pallet of 1805 bottles £225.00 ( plus pallet refundable deposit of £10 )
Box of 18 bottles £2.99
500ml Amber Glass Bottle
Our best selling glass line.
Available on a pallet of 1235 bottles, carefully wrapped, or in boxes of 12 bottles.
Pallet of 1235 bottles £209.95. ( plus pallet refundable deposit of £10 )
Box of 12 bottles £2.99
750ml cheddleton christmas ale bottle

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750ml Amber Glass.
Now this is an interesting one.
It takes a standard crown cap
OR a swing stopper ( sold separately )
OR both!
Due to size we don’t sell these in pallets.
Instead we package them in shrink wrapped cases
of 8 at £7.99 per case.
If you need lots of them and can collect, a part pallet might be possible at a good price. £0.85 each.

3000ml Swing Top Bottle
What a whopper!
We fill and sell a lot of these a year, with a retail price of £30-£35 each filled with beer.
You can now buy them to fill yourself.
You need to buy a swing stopper for these, which we have in stock.
Pallet of 128 bottles £563.20
Sold individually £4.85 each
Swing stopper (large) £0.69p each.


Swing Stopper (small)

Want to go more exotic!

Then add this to the 750ml bottle.       

£0.25 each                                                                                                              

4 pint carry keg

4 Pint Carry Keg

Sell these in your pub or brewery full of beer.

What a nice way to relax at home. With 4 pints of beer.

With pressure release cap

Discounts if you buy lots.

No minimum order  £2.25 each

Pallet of 343 kegs £1.90 each

26mm Crown Cap ( standard size )
A bit like smarties, they are available in several colours, including…..
black, white, dark green, light green, red, blue, yellow, orange, purple, gold, silver.
Please dont try to eat them!
Box of 6000 (all same colour) £58.00
Bag of approx. 475 ( 1 kg ) £6.95
cardboard box
Cardboard Box
Once you have bottled your beer you need a box to put them in.
They fit either 12x500ml or 18x330ml and come in packs of 25.
Not suitable for mail order.
£0.39p p each
mailorder box
Mail Order Cardboard Box
A pretty good box for mail order purposes, and come with inserts.
They fit 12x500ml and come in packs of 10.
£1.50 each